the brand

The Brand

The initial Niovilu concept belongs to a young mother who was inspired by her baby. The young mother couldn’t find any sleeping bag in the market which would cover all her comfort, safety and stylish needs, so she decided to build her own baby sleeping bags. Her handmade sleeping bags became so popular and attractive through the word of mouth that she ended up establishing Niovilu S.à r.l. in Luxembourg. She shaped the principles and philosophy of the brand following exactly the ones of her own as a mother, always opt for top quality, hypoallergenic and healthy materials to produce the safest, most practical, and stylish, but yet reasonably priced sleeping bags.

Niovilu is a fresh, dynamic and fast-growing team! We are working passionately to ensure mothers and babies start their new life together in comfort, style and harmony.

We have formed partnerships with EU producers that guarantee the highest quality cotton fibers. The fabrics we have chosen are blends of sturdy Greek cotton and long fiber Egyptian cotton. Thus, we have achieved a unique combination of strength, softness and luxury for our products.

We know very well that your baby spends most of its time sleeping, snuggling and dreaming. We make sure that he or she does so safely, warmly, pleasantly and... in style!